Abisko National Park, Northern Sweden – Tea and the Gang

Abisko National Park, Northern Sweden


For today’s post we are lucky enough to be taken around the beautiful northern countryside of our neighbours and friends in Sweden, by traveller fairchinkum.

I stepped off of the train and a chilling gust cut through me that I had never felt before. Still weary from the 19-hour train journey, my tired legs carried me towards the single building that stood in the town. It was an unfamiliar terrain, much different to the warm and sunny Australia that I was used to. Sunlight was scarce and the days were short. The crunch of the icy floor beneath each footstep brought new excitement. Each breath was filled with a crisp air that flowed down from the vast mountain ranges. I had arrived. I had distanced myself on the other side of the world, over 15,000km away from home, in the icy, desolate town known as Abisko.

The thought of uncovering the unknown has always held a certain romance in my mind and this place couldn’t have been more opposite than home. As a hobbyist photographer and a lover of outdoors, I was fascinated by the environment. Abisko is teeming with hiking trails, rocky terrain, stunning mountain ranges and at night she may even treat you to a special viewing of nature’s grandest light show. I couldn’t have been more in love with the place.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

Next to Lake Torneträsk with a campfire, neck arched upwards and staring at the dancing sky until the early hours of the morning.

Many hiking trails weave through the Abisko National Park. During winter, these are also used a ski trails.

The mountain ranges spread as far as the eye can see. Lapporten (the U-shaped valley) is one of the most famous natural sights in these ranges.

Steep icy cliffs line the river. You can see large chunks of ice being swept away as the river begins to freeze.

The sound of crashing waterfalls can be heard from miles away.

The days are short in October as it nears the Winter. It’s so cold that your body craves sunlight.

When the sun sets, you are treated to magnificent natural beauties.

Abisko’s location gives it a higher chance of clear skies and therefore a higher chance to see the lights.

The Aurora lead me down to the lakeside. It was so bright I didn’t even need a torch.

By the lake, the still water acts as a mirror and the lack of light pollution allows you to fully enjoy the sky dancing above you. Perfect.

Red, yellow, green - if you’re lucky you can witness a sky full of colour and shooting stars.

In the early hours of the morning, a blazing orange moon began to peek out from behind the mountains looking like a fire in the sky.

Feature Image Caption: A view for any landscape lover. Flat rocks stacked together forming large slippery cliffs, only to be cut own the middle by a roaring river.

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