Alpstein Bally, Switzerland – Tea and the Gang

Alpstein Bally, Switzerland


In Today’s post patrickpfaff takes us around the beautiful heights of The Alpstein Bally in Switzerland

As a little boy my grandparents often took a hike with me and because of that I got to know the mountains and totally fell in love with them. My favourite place became the alpstein bally in switzerland. I love to grow out of myself and to have probably the most beautiful view you have to reach a thousand meter height. In my last trip to the alpstein bally I was lucky enough to experience a natural spectacle of rain, thunderstorm, rainbows, fog and the probably most beautiful sunset and that was just within a few hours.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

My favourite place to have a cup of tea, is with my tent, a beautiful campfire and good music on the top of the mountain.

The mountains by night when no clouds are at the sky.

When you finally stay on the top of the mountain and simply enjoy the view.

The rainbows after the thunderstorm.

A peaceful home for the people who live there.

When you feel nothing other than peace and harmony.

The best thing is when you can share your passion with your loved one.

The most beautiful sunset I've ever seen at the top of the mountains. I was the luckiest man to experience such a natural spectacle.

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