Berlin – Tea and the Gang



For today’s post we head to Germany as caioiviq takes us for a different look around the historic city of Berlin.

Berlin is one of Europe’s most popular cosmopolitan cities. It is a mixing pot of people and communities, known especially for it’s lively and energetic youth. The developing culinary scenes, affordable living and spirited nightlife have attracted people from all over the world.

I especially enjoy walking through Kreuzberg, because I find it to be the perfect reflection of Berlin itself. Packed with small coffee shops, retro bars, bustling restaurants and decorated with explosive street art, there is always something new to see and people to meet.

I prefer Berlin most during the later hours during sunset and dusk. Watching the city from above as buildings, trees and people glow in a yellow orange light always takes my breath away. There is really something to be said about how the vibrant and diverse architecture is illuminated during this time of day.

What is your favourite place to enjoy a cup of tea? #teawithaview

During the warm days of the summer i always enjoy a nice iced green tea somewhere near the river or park in a small some small restaurant.

View on the u1 subway line.

​Crazy sunset over a berlin cross section.

Sunset in the district of kreuzberg with the tv tower in the background.

​The spree river at dusk.

​Tv tower behind a sunlit building.

Puddle on a roof reflects the tv tower during sunset.

Clean skied sunset with the tv tower.

Feature Image Caption: Sun over one of the oldest subway stations in Berlin.

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