We need your support!

As we look to open our first tea bar in London.

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Tea and the gang was an idea born during our adventures in Scandinavia. We felt the tea industry was very traditional and needed shaking up a little, so we set out on a journey to create a brand and philosophy to do just that.

At TEA AND THE GANG we pride ourselves on the quality of our tea blends, sourced from the best tea estates around the world, hand blended in the UK and influenced by Scandinavian design. All of our teas are made from natural ingredients and are 100% vegan friendly with every tea blend having it’s own personality, so find yours today!

Since our launch in 2017 we have sold over 1,000,000 cups of tea and you can find our tea being sold in places like LA, Norway and Singapore to name just a few.

In March 2020 when the pandemic hit, 98% of our business stopped overnight. It was a scary time to see everything you have worked so hard to build come so close to ending, but we were determined not to give up. So we quickly launched our new range of colourful signature tea lattes on our fully animated online store. They are vegan friendly, made from natural ingredients, with no added sugars. With some clever marketing and the support of our amazing customers we quickly grew our online business.

Sustainability is paramount to what we do as a business and we recently launched a new range of printed recyclable retail boxes containing biodegradable teabags and 100% plastic free.

With the return of the hospitality industry, our trade business is growing again and we are working with some amazing cafes, bakeries and independent stores across the globe.

However, why stop there? We see a huge gap in the market!

We are now ready to shake up the tea industry once again and open our first non-alcoholic tea bar in the heart of London. It will be a place where tea lovers can come from morning until evening and experience a modern way to enjoy tea. All served with theatre and drinks you’ve never seen before (nitro tea), under a cool soundtrack.

But we need your help!

We have come to kickstarter as we are looking to raise 40K which is the bare minimum we need to get the doors open and in return have a number of kick ass rewards on offer. We would love to have you as part of the gang, as we enter the next exciting chapter of our tea journey.