How does the points system work?

What are Tea and the gang Points?

Tea and the gang Points is our brand new rewards scheme. The points system officially launched in September 2020! You can earn points every time you shop, ready to spend on amazing treats for you, or gifts for your friends and family.

How to earn Points?

  • For every £1 you spend you get – 10 points.
  • Sign up for an account with us and get – 10 points.
  • Points earned for writing a review – 20 points

Spend your points!

You can start spending your points as soon as they’re in your account. They’ll appear under your account when you are logged in.  

For every 100 points you have, you will receive a discount of £1.

Are you teas vegan friendly?

All of our teas are 100% vegan friendly (Even our Lemon and Honey tea) where we use a flavoured Rooibos which means it does not actually contain honey, but a natural flavouring that has sweet honey characteristic.

Are Tea and the gang tea pyramids Biodegradable.

Absolutely! Unlike some nylon bags, our tea pyramid bags are made from a cornstarch material that is fully biodegradable. Just pop it in your food waste and it will be gone in no time, leaving no impact on the environment. We have now switched our inner bags, which hold our 15 biodegradable teabags from plastic to a new biodegradable/compostable cellulose alternative material called Natureflex. This has been tested and is fully biodegradable, so the great news is you can now just pop the everything into the compost.

Are Tea and the gang teas organic?

We get asked this all the time and our answer is: We only select the best teas from the best tea estates based on quality of the leaf and taste of the tea. Organic teas are not always the best in taste or quality, but that said if we can find an organic tea that matches the quality we will use it. Currently around 30% of our ingredients used are ‘Organic’ but do we sell Organic tea, the answer is “no”.

Are Tea and the gang teas Fairtrade?

The best teas are not always Fairtrade, we are focused on making sure the tea estates we buy our teas from have a sustainable business model and because we pay a higher price for our teas the workers have better working conditions.

What does the ingredient ‘Flavour’ mean in some of your teas?

The ‘flavour’ in the ingredients refers to the natural flavour we sometimes put in blends. We only ever use natural flavouring in some of our tea blends, with no hidden nasties!  We also sell many blends without any added natural flavouring, it is the more adventurous blends that need a little kick in flavour.

Can I drink tea whilst pregnant or breast-feeding?

Whilst many Caffeine free teas are thought to be OK, we are not doctors. We recommend that you speak to your doctor to make sure whether it is OK or not.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

We ship internationally so this really does depend on what country you live in. All orders are processed within one working day and shipped out on a fast service. If you would like more information on shipping please feel free to contact us. UK orders take between 1 to 4 days to deliver.

I would like to change something on my order, is this possible?

It is possible, if we have not already shipped the order you can get in touch with us via contact us page or live chat. All of our contact information is here:

What do you do with my personal data?

Nothing. We do not share data with third parties and do not store your payments details. We will not contact you unless you opt into our newsletters. Any question about data please contact us.

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