Golden Ears Provincial Park – Tea and the Gang

Golden Ears Provincial Park


Our guest blogger today is the creative photographer Brendan Williams as he travels around Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada

We all have a different escape. Some may enjoy sitting down and reading a book; to immerse themselves in a world unlike anything of that in reality. Others may enjoy spending a day at the beach, visiting with friends or family, or even going for a run. For me, the outdoors has always been where I run to find tranquility. A place I run to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Since I was a young boy Golden Ears Provincial Park has always been an extremely special place to me. With moss covered forests, mountains as far as the eye can see, raging rivers flowing through the valley, and stillness unlike anywhere else. To this day, Golden Ears Provincial Park continues to be my place of escape.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview
“In a hammock somewhere on the top of Golden Ears Peak overlooking the lake below”

East Canyon Trail, Golden Ears Provincial Park

Mike Lake, Golden Ears Provincial Park

Upper Falls, Golden Ears Provincial Park

Overlooking Pitt Lake from Golden Ears Peak

Setting up camp near the top of Edge Peak

Gold Creek, Golden Ears Provincial Park

Self Portrait taken while watching the sunrise from just below Golden Ears Peak

Walking down the main road through the park

Allouette Lake, Golden Ears Provincial Park

Mike Lake, Golden Ears Provincial Park

Feature Image Caption: Mt. Nutt, Golden Ears Provincial Park

All content and photos are credited to Brendan Williams

Instagram: @outboundmedia


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