Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada – Tea and the Gang

Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada


For today’s post we head to the Canadian coastal city of Halifax as Defectivecompass_ takes us around it’s beautiful landscape.

Halifax boasts that idealistic balance of small town vibe with big city charm. Consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top cities to live in, this port city and its surrounding areas house tons of history, culture, art, delicious cuisine, and absolutely breathtaking scenery.

Living in this vibrant east coast city means that you are never more than minutes away from stunning ocean views and mountain vistas. The only thing comparable to greater Halifax’s picturesque beauty is its people. There is something to be said about living in a place where the weather can change every 10 minutes: Haligonians are adaptive and resourceful. They are proud of their heritage and are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

Nature’s immeasurable and serene beauty lives here. You can always walk through magical nature trails, float in the ocean, or swim in any one of its countless lakes. Breathing in the clean salt air as the ocean sweeps over your feet is never moments away and autumn’s captivating foliage is reliable in its seduction.

The land is beautiful and the people are beautiful!

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

At sunrise or sunset – anywhere by the water where I can lift my face to the sun.

Overcast - Nature's scenic beauty at Conrad's Beach.

Listening to the waves crash under the moonlight at Lawrencetown Beach.

Beautiful ocean bluffs in the Spring.

Dear Halifax: About these sunsets…

Daylight sheds its skin and twilight drops over the Halifax Harbour.

Exploring McNabs Island.

Nightscape of Downtown Halifax.

This is what it means to be home on the east coast. Sailing through a sunset solace under the MacDonald Bridge.

Inferno Sunset in the City of Lakes (Dartmouth).

Halifax Clock Tower - City of Black and White.

Stunning sunrise over Nova Scotia's coastline in Cowbay.

Feature Image Caption: Sunrise over Dartmouth.

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