Hong Kong IV – Tea and the Gang

Hong Kong IV


Today we head back to Hong Kong, as slayin_q takes us for another look around this bustling city.

Hong Kong is a very unique and special city. Once being a English colonial city and now a special administrative region of China, this 2,755 km² city is filled with different culture and architecture. There are many to see in the city, and each have its own unique element. 

What I like about this city than others is that its packed with many surprises. Hong Kong is a very small city but you can discover many wonders in it. You can find new and futuristic buildings, old and warming towns, amazing and relaxing nature all in an hour walk. Having a walk at the Victoria Harbour is also a very good way to release stress. 

Things happen around you at every moment, and I try to capture these moments as I can, trying to express the beauty of the city in the same time.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

Somewhere high above ground, on a mountain looking at the city.

“Tram Market” - Always busy, no matter day or night.

“Bus” - The minibus in Hong Kong is always an urban legend, most representative transport in the city.

“After Rain” - Reflections of the city after a miserable rain always cheers me up.

“Fireworks” - Large event held every Chinese New Year. A very spectacular event where you can watch at almost every corner in the city

“ Neon” - Hong Kong is always on the run — even after midnight where it gets more lively

“Victoria Harbour” - Hong Kong is the city with most tallest skyscrapers, densely populated residential areas. All built near one small harbour.

“Chimes” - Amazing sunset from Stanley, One of the famous tourist attractions in Hong Kong.

“Utopia” - Old Communities, New Shopping malls, High Apartments, all built along one street.

“Nature” - Besides a dense city, Hong Kong also have its own attractive countrysides, whats better than that is that you only need a 30 minute drive to get there.

“Residential” - The amount of people living in this block could be more than a town in Finland. How close together buildings and neighbours are in Hong Kong just amazes people.

“Pier” - The sunset is always relaxing with the sea and wind with you.

Feature Image Caption: “ Roundabout” – Newly added attraction in Hong Kong, spinning from dusk till dawn as the city keeps on moving as well

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Support credit to: justinychoi

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