Lille II – Tea and the Gang

Lille II


For today’s post we head back to Lille as photographer anonygrapher takes us for another look around this amazing French city.

Lille, Ahhh what a great city. It’s located in the North of France, very close to the Belgian border, where they have the best beer in the world btw. French people have a reputation for complaining all the time, being somewhat lazy and eating cheese. Although, partial laziness and cheese are common around here, the mindset is a little more special. People are much more welcoming and happy. Lille is a medium-sized city that’s got everything you’d possibly need; Food, Beer, History, Art, gotcha. Enjoy chilled nights eating and drinking in the Vieux Lille (old town). Wanna party hard? we got a place for that too, no worries, you’ll have fun at Rue Solférino. Like history? Good, Lille is one of the most besieged city of France, the Vikings, the Spanish, the Dutch etc… they all came here. Walk through the paved streets, the big squares like Grand’Place, the museums like le Palais des Beaux-Arts, it’s pretty relaxed.

Moreover, its location couldn’t be better when it comes to travelling. Cities like Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris or even London are all very close by, so why not spend a weekend elsewhere while you’re at it.

To me, the true beauty of this city isn’t necessarily found in specific areas like its history or certain places; it’s more the whole vibe it gives off. As a rooftopper and a photographer, I like to portray the beauty of the city from above. From its rooftops, a city has so much more to offer, it’s an experience most tourists or even locals won’t get to encounter, and that’s what my photos are all about: capturing the unknown.

View from the Northern district “La Madeleine”

The main square called “Grand’Place” during Christmas.

The two skyscrapers of Lille Europe (financial district) on an icy morning.

The railway station “Gare Lille Flandres”

One of the several churches of Lille, “L’Église Saint-Maurice”.

View over the western district called “Lille Fives”

A view over “Grand’Place”, on the left you have a very iconic flemish tower called a “Beffroi”. On the right, you have the “Opéra de Lille”.

One of the many paved streets leading to the “Vieux Lille” (old town).

The busy streets next to the biggest shopping mall in the city called “Euralille”.

Sunset over Euralille.

Another view of the “Beffroi” called “CCI Grand Lille”.

Feature Image Caption: A view of the city center with its flemmish architecture.

All content and photos are copyrighted and credited to anonygrapher