London III – Tea and the Gang

London III


For today’s post we head back to the English capital for another look around this amazing city, as alpha.evil take us around the giant that is London.

We have all heard about the all-time famous city of London. The most visited city of England and it is not a mystery why.

London is one of those cities where ‘classic’ and ‘new’ are combined to create an atmosphere that attracts everyone’s attention. From the Tower of London down the river to the Tower Bridge, the Thames divides the city in two sections. On one side you have the ‘oldies’ the Parliament, Buckingham palace and Westminster Abbey, all monuments that satisfy our curiosity for traditional architecture. However on the other side of the river, we have the new and avant-garde, the City of London, also known as the financial centre of Europe. This hot spot of money and business is almost unreachable in some parts, but it is definitely worth the try.

The jungle of glass and concrete buildings leaves no-one unsatisfied, even if you are not a great fan of modern designs, these colossal structures will not let you take your eyes off them.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

Personally, the modern part of London is my favorite and if you are looking for a good cup of tea you might also enjoy it with an stunning view from the Sky Garden. An incredible gazebo from where you can absorb the beauty of the European classic that is London.

I saw this beautiful street when out walking, this place took my attention for the amazing architecture.

This photo is taken from the sky garden building, the gherkin is one of the most famous buildings in world, and the heart of the 'City' the financial center of London.

I was walking to chinatown, when i saw the street of theaters in London.

In this one we have the contrast of St. Paul's and this bridge with modern architecture and design.

I can't go without shooting one of the most iconic subways in world.

The beautiful clock tower with two buses, I captured in this photo, two of the most iconic things in London.

Feature Image Caption: I waited along time for a trip on the London Eye, but was lucky to see this spectacular sunset with the parliament in focus.

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