Melbourne II – Tea and the Gang

Melbourne II


We love Australia over at tea HQ and today we head back to Melbourne as al3xand3r_martindes takes us for another look around this amazing city.

The most liveable city that has the best cafes with the best city views. I often wonder through the alley ways and stare at the beautiful 1800’s architecture mixed with modern. Whether it’s the formula one, Australian open or just plain AFL (Australian football) Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia through all seasons.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

Sunset lovers will enjoy the view no matter which angle you look at Melbourne and that’s why it’s the most spectacular city in the world.

One of Melbourne's iconic attractions is the Melbourne Central tower.

The state library of Victoria, you can see students from all over the world that come to Melbourne to study have been to the library.

What makes Melbourne so beautiful is the layout of the streets.

Docklands during another beautiful sunset.

Here you can see the two tallest building in Melbourne, the Railton and eureka.

The little blue on St.Kilda pier, the original building got burnt down in 2005 and its now rebuilt.

Melbourne during sunset from my balcony

Looking down Elizabeth Street during sunset.

If you wanna see the whole of Melbourne just take a ride on the Melbourne star.

The arts center and eureka building during blue hour.

Batman Avenue is one of the most popular spots for long exposures.

You will find street art everywhere in Melbourne.

The famous Princess bridge.

Feature Image Caption: Melbourne taken from St.Kilda pier

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