Melbourne III – Tea and the Gang

Melbourne III


For today’s post we head back to Melbourne for a third time,  as al3xand3r_martindes takes us for another look around this amazing city.

Melbourne is a sea of diversity and culture and that is what captivates people from all walks of life. It’s magical atmosphere caters to the sports fanatics and the vast array of cuisines transports you to an exotic destination without leaving the heart of Melbourne.

The most liveable city that has the best cafes with the best city views. I often wonder through the alley ways and stare at the beautiful 1800’s architecture mixed with modern.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

Sunset lovers will enjoy the view no matter which angle you look at Melbourne and that’s why it’s the most spectacular city in the world.

Most of Melbourne's attractions are built along the Yarra River.

Melbourne has one of the best train systems in the world .

Melbourne's new Bolte bridge built in 1998 has become a favourite photography location.

Autumn colours in Melbourne.

Beautiful sunset in Melbourne and My favourite place for tea.

A star burst in Melbourne.

Melbourne cricket ground is famous for major sporting events.

888 Collins Street is a residential building which is also a favourite photographer's location to shoot during night time.

Reflections by the Yarra River.

Sunrise in docklands with its stadium and restaurants.

The famous crown casino of Melbourne.

Melbourne royal exhibition building built in 1880 and becoming Australia's first heritage building.

Feature Image Caption: You can see Flinders Street station and the major financial buildings from the arts centre building across the Yarra River .

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