Miami – Tea and the Gang



Today we head to the United States and to the bright and colourful city of Miami, as kencrandallphoto takes us around this beautiful destination.

Miami is one of the most unique cities in the United States — boasting a tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and a strong Latin American influence. From the trendy night clubs that make South Beach famous, to the bustling downtown across the beautiful turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay, Miami offers round-the-clock fun and excitement. 

Watching the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean is a sight to be seen. Miami can get quite hot during the day so it’s best to take advantage of the cooler air in the morning/evening, especially since there’s usually a nice sea breeze. I particularly enjoy walking along Ocean Drive, admiring the art deco architecture that South Beach is known for. 

Sunset it my absolute favorite time of day! In Miami there are several islands you can visit and watch the sun set behind downtown as the city lights slowly illuminate. The nightlife in Miami is spectacular — with numerous restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to choose from, there’s never a dull moment. 

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

I enjoy having tea (preferably iced tea) outside at one of the many cafes or restaurants with a view of the water.

Sunset in downtown Miami.

A lifeguard tower on South Beach during sunrise.

A composite of 15 photos blending the night into the day over downtown Miami.

Sunset in downtown Miami.

Lightning strikes downtown Miami.

The supermoon rises between two buildings in downtown Miami.

The sun sets behind a row of palm trees at Matheson Hammock Park.

Sunset in Downtown Miami.

Key Biscayne Lighthouse.

Feature Image Caption: Ocean Drive, South Beach – Featuring the famous art deco architecture

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