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Mrs Agra – Chai Tea


This traditional tea can be relied upon to comfort and sooth you in your hour of need: Indian assam black tea, carefully hand-blended with warm, exotic spice.

Indian Assam black tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Red peppercorns, Cloves


Mrs Agra is a benchmark for Chai tea. From the moment you open the package the beautiful spicy aroma will hit you.
Mrs Agra is our taste of India and a present to you.

This is the tea for those that like a bit of spice in their lives, or like us enjoy a milky Chai Latte at a cafe.
Now you can make your very own chai latte at home, its very easy and tastes so good.

Mrs Agra, keeps you warm on those cosy nights in.
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