San Diego – Tea and the Gang

San Diego


Today we are taken to San Diego, California by photographer dannygroebe

San Diego is a very laid back kind of city. The people who live here are also very diverse and come from all over the world. Despite being the second largest city in California, San Diego still retains its charm with its friendly residents and easy city layout. Leaving this city is always tough after visiting.

What is your favorite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

Panama 66 in Balboa Park is the best place to enjoy my cup of tea. Their open air cafe lets me enjoy the nice San Diego weather while drinking my tea and working on new projects. Their art gallery in the garden also constantly inspires me to come up with new concepts and ideas. 

San Diego, California is surround by water on one side and by mountains on another. San Diego is one of those cities where you can go for a hike in the mountains in the morning, enjoy the beach in the afternoon, and end your day downtown at a restaurant with a gorgeous waterfront view.

Built in 1882, Balboa Park is more than just a regular park. It is home to 15 museums and a botanical garden. The park also houses the world famous San Diego Zoo. On the weekend, the public can enjoy dances from all over the world in Balboa Park.

The USS Midway is a great symbol for San Diego, which is a military city. This aircraft carrier was build in 1943 and is the only remaining US carrier of the World War II era that is not an Essex-class aircraft carrier. Today, the not active USS Midway is a museum for the public.

For those who love the nightlife, 5th avenue in the historic Gaslamp district of San Diego is the sport to be. No matter if you're looking for a fancy dinner, a night at the bar, or want to let loose at a night club, the Gaslamp district has it all.

The tide pools in San Diego are perfect to explore some of the rock formations at the beach. The various rock patterns and the constantly changing tides make this the perfect spot for photographers and geologists.

Feature Image Caption: Any place in San Diego is a good place to catch a beautiful sunset. Here we have the Ocean Beach pier in San Diego. The 1971 feet long pier is the longest concrete pier in the world and the second longest pier on the west coast.

All content and photos are credited to dannygroebe

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