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Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines


Today anmahjdoca takes us around one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines – Siargao Island. The Island is shaped like a tear-drop and is located in the Philippine Sea, around 800 kilometers southeast of Manila, in the province of Surigao del Norte.

Siargao Island is one of the most exceptional places that you can visit in the Philippines. From the crystal clear water, fine white sand of their islands and beaches, and astounding beach resorts this place offers the ultimate vacation.

From visiting all the beaches and other vacation spots in the Philippines, I can say that Siargao is the most beautiful and exceptional place that I’ve been and given the time I will always come back to this place.

Adding up the hospitality of the people, food & drink and environment of this island, I feel that I can stay here forever. All of the beaches in the Philippines are amazing but Siargao will always be my first love.

“It’s a very fine day for a swim”. Guyam Island is one of the three islands where you can visit and tour while you are on the island of Siargao. A small island where you can relax for a while and bathe in its crystal like clear water and very fine white sand, this features make this island very magnificent and it is a must see and go to when you are in Siargao.

“Enjoying the sand, sea, and sun” Daku Island is part of the three island tour when you are in Siargao. Just like Gayum Island it has a fine white sand and clear water, you can stay here a little longer because of the cottages and you can bring fresh seafood and have it cooked for you. This island offers serenity and of all the beaches that I’ve been I can say that this island is very exceptional. It will always leave you in awe.

“Life at at the sea” we’re accompanied by our boat man and his son in our island hopping tour in Siargao. This little kid is surely a great diver.

On our way back after finishing the tour we were surprised when we saw a real star fish for the first time on the bottom part of the ocean “imagine how clear the water in this island.
The son of the boat man instantly dives under the water to show us up close this not so little star fish. It was awesome!

“Dinner by the shore” You can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this part of Ocean 101 beach resort aside from the restaurant. It’s a wonderful experience eating and dining with a magnificent view as the sun sets and the only word to describe this feat “magical”.

“To infinity and beyond” The Isla Cabana Beach Resort offers great amenities and superb hospitality. This luxurious resort is one of the best in Siargao. From the infinity pool, regular pool, restaurant, food, and their breath taking cabanas its seven star for us!

“When the tide is low” the Magpupungko pool is created when the tide is low and this act of nature will leave you breathless. The natural infinity pool with rock formation makes this place remarkable! Only at Siargao.

“Surf’s up” Cloud 9 surf camp is the best place to catch the waves. A minute walk from known resorts in Siargao this place offers a great site for surfing.

Feature Image Caption: “Naked Island, literally naked” this island is literally empty but take note this island offers a 360 degree view of fine white sand and crystal clear blue water that makes you want to stay forever. This island is also a part of the island tour when you are in Siargao and this island hopping experience is a must when you visit this place.

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