The magical Lofoten – Tea and the Gang

The magical Lofoten


There is something quite magical about Lofoten. At a glance it looks like the landscape from Jurassic Park but a closer look will tell you that these wooden houses wouldn’t stand up to dinosaurs very well.

Travel down the road further and you might think you are on an island in Thailand, however there would not be a need for a goose feather down jacket in Thailand.
You can of course get a hot summer day in Lofoten but that is more by luck rather than judgement.

I would describe Lofoten as a place everyone should get to go to at least twice in their lives.

Once in Spring/Summer and once in Winter to discover it’s many beautiful forms.


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You can try and brave it in Winter to see it in a new light. Just find a cosy cafe to warm up in.

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Men can be seen climbing the drying racks in order to preserve the fish. It doesn't need to be salted or smoked, as the temperature in Lofoten in the winter is just below freezing. The fish does not freeze into pieces, but it doesn't rot either.

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