The Princess – Beautiful Coco Black Tea – Tea and the Gang

The Princess – Beautiful Coco Black Tea


This sweet black tea blend is dancing with delightful hints of cranberry and coconut sprinkled with romantic rose petals. A delicate tea fit for a princess.

Sri Lankan black tea, Rose petals, Coconut, Cranberry pieces (Cranberry, Sugar, Rice flower, Sunflower oil), Flavour

Want to know a Tea and the gang secret?
The Princess was the first character we thought of here at Tea and the gang HQ.

We wanted to create a tea that was the perfect match for a princess in every single way. 
It had to look beautiful, smell beautiful and most importantly taste beautiful. 

We've all kissed a frog. Some blame alcohol but you can never blame a good cup of tea.
Be a Princess the right way.

Premium whole leaf tea, the perfect fit for a Princess.

If this sounds like the tea for you, or if you know a real life Princess then to buy it is just a few clicks away. Castle not included.
Buy the Princess now.