Vallgatan 12 – Tea and the Gang

Vallgatan 12


Located in Gothenburg, Sweden a former bank vault Vallgatan 12 plays host to Interior Design, Fashion, Art, Food and Flowers.

What we really love about Vallgatan 12 is that it has so much quality and variety under one roof. Where else can you buy flowers for a loved one, catch up with Friends over an amazing selection of food and drink, get your new outfit for the weekend and make your house look beautiful? Vallgatan 12 just oozes class and is our favourite place to go when we visit Gothenburg!

A wide selection of amazing food and drink.

If you are feeling romantic take a look at their beautiful flower collection. Flowers can make everything better!

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe? Fear not Vallgatan 12 has so much to choose from!

We are happy to say that you can find our Premium tea on sale today at Vallgatan 12.

Photographs by Vallgatan 12