Zambales, Philippines – Tea and the Gang

Zambales, Philippines


Today chee_ep takes us to the Province of Zambales, located in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines

Despite how near Zambales is to major cities, it remains the bastion of the Aeta. They were the earliest Filipinos to migrate to the archipelago more than 10,000 years ago – thousands of years even before the Austronesian migration.

Zambales, has everything an adventurer could look for: Islands, hidden Coves, 107 miles of pure beach, mountains and even a Volcano. About 60% of the island is covered in mountains, so is the perfect place for hiking.

What is your favorite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview.

At the top of Mount Balingkilat on the coastal side of the province of Zambales whilst waiting for the sun to rise. You can never go wrong with a warm tea, a cool breeze and plenty of nature.

Nagsasa Cove as viewed from the summit of Mount Balingkilat. The mountain stands 1100 meters above sea level and offers majestic views of the Zambales Beaches to the west and Subic bay to the east.

Mount Balingkilat as viewed from Nagsasa Cove. You could reach this beach via a 40 minute boat ride from the nearest town, or by a 6 hour hike through the mountains.

The crater lake of Mt.Pinatubo. Can be reached via a 2 hour 4x4 ride or a 1 hour hike. Year's after its devastating eruption in 1991, It now serves as a tourist destination in the Province of Zambales.

Camara Island. Can be reached via a 10 minute boat ride from the nearest town from the mainland. Yes I know what you are thinking, the island resembles a whale!

The town of San Antonio, Zambales, offering beaches and a view of Mt. Pundaquit. This town also serves as a jump-off going to the Coves and Islands nearby.

All content and photos are credited to chee_ep