Lastu Teacup


The Lastu Teacup is made of UPM Formi EcoAce wood biocomposite that come from almost 100% renewable sources with 87% lower carbon footprint than plastics. Material is from Finnish wood industry sidestreams – so no trees need to be harvested for it. Wood from only sustainably managed forests. The angular base and single sided infuser let you adjust the taste of your tea by tipping the Lastu Teacup from side to side. Lastu is the Finnish word for wood chip.

It is so simple to use, just add your loose leaf tea and fill with water, tip the cup to cover the tea and then when you have finished brewing tilt the cup the other way and stop the infusion process. Sip and enjoy!

Materials Finnish wood biocomposite, stainless steel filter
Color Natural white with wood chips
Care Machine washable. Each Lastu Teacup has unique rough surface pattern.

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