Suitcase of Tea


We’ve all gone abroad and packed a suitcase of tea. Haven’t we??

Well from now you don’t have to! As we have packed a suitcase for you, full of 60 different teas, to match every mood.

The perfect box to host a tea party, give as a gift, or just sit it on your kitchen counter and enjoy all the tea yourself.

Each suitcase comes customised with a ‘if found return to’ luggage name tag. Just enter the name you want in the special notes box at checkout.

Contains the following 60 premium tea envelopes

10 x The Rat Race – English breakfast Black Tea
10 x The Butler Earl Grey Black Tea
5 x La Chica – Lemon & Lime Green Tea
4 x Cool Caribbean – Mango & Pineapple Oolong Tea
8 x Miss Arctic – Peppermint herbal tea
5 x The Hipster – Raspberry & Mint Herbal Tea
6 x The Nurse – Lemon & Honey Rooibos Tea
4 x The Viking – Liquorice Digestif Pu’erh tea
4 x Miss Yoga – Chamomile Herbal Tea
4 x The Soul Man – Blueberry Blues Herbal Tea

Earn up to 890 Points.


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