The Road to becoming fit

The Road to becoming fit

Today’s fitness blog by amber.sbrk gives some advice on The Road to becoming fit

Where do I start? It all began 2 years ago. I started running because I wanted to get in shape and build muscle. After a few months I noticed this wasn’t the way to increase the muscle mass I wanted, so I started weight lifting. I went to the gym with no idea what to do. I was reading a lot online and didn’t always know what to believe, I figured out what exercises and methods best fitted me.

Now I have been lifting weights for 2 years and decided about a month ago that I wanted to compete in a bikini fitness competition. After all the months of hard work, dedicated to my goals, a lot of healthy food, satisfied feelings but also negative vibes, I’m going to share my results with everyone on stage.

How you can get started.

I think one of the most important things is to exercise a lot, eat healthy and get enough sleep. Those three things are the key to getting fit. If you don’t have any experience with exercising or going to the gym, I will give you some good advice: To build muscle mass you have to lift heavy weights!  The free weight section is a better place to workout rather than machines, as the machines tend to focus a lot on one muscle group and won’t let the entire body work. If you want to get strong and build muscle it is an important to eat the right nutrients to give the muscle everything it needs to recover and develop.

For all the beginners who just started weight lifting or want to start:

  • It’s ok to be a beginner, we all started somewhere. Don’t let anybody stop you by telling you weight lifting is for men or you get bulky by lifting heavy.
  • You’re going to get criticised because that’s what people can do. You’re building a better version of yourself, don’t doubt yourself for even a second.
  • Get inquisitive, you need to know more about weight lifting and how your body works. This will help you doing exercises and know what you are actually doing.
  • Eat healthy and basic. I always tell people to eat food that’s straight out of nature. Without added products to it. You can read the packaging at the supermarket, that’s how you decide if it’s healthy or not.
  • If you want to start working out it’s better to start with 2/3 times a week and build this slowly up. You don’t want your body to get over trained or develop injuries.

I hope this help’s inspire someone even a little and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me a message with your questions. I am always willing to help.

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