Healthy lifestyle + Wellbeing = A Beautiful life

Healthy lifestyle + Wellbeing = A Beautiful life

Today saffiesaffie explains how a healthy lifestyle + wellbeing = A Beautiful life

Are you one of those sitting at your office desk from dawn till dusk? Mostly breathing in and out in air-con environments? Eating take-out or fast food everyday? That was my life few years ago until my body was aching out of nowhere and my skin allergy appeared everywhere, I decided it’s time to regain control of my life.

My name is Saffie Ng, I am working as a model and actress in Hong Kong, a stressful metropolis city that have my working schedules totally unstable with long hours. This hustle and bustle of busy city life is driving everyone crazy, many people are suffering with depression; most of them unaware their mental health is affecting their everyday life and neglect of the importance of a healthy way of living.

Everyone is born beautiful, every girl has the right to be gorgeous and every boy is eligible to be charismatic; the key is to maintain a healthy positive lifestyle. It sounds difficult to achieve? Don’t worry, I am going to share some easy tips to help you keep a good balance on the extreme working routine with a hearty lifestyle in the fray.

Healthy lifestyle = What you eat, what you do, how you live.

Healthy snacks for workaholic

It is very easy to slip into the habit of eating unhealthy snacks or greasy fast foods during office break. That’s why it’s so important to stop and change into something healthy. Eating fresh fruits are my top choice, super delicious with ZERO preparation needed and they come with different vitamins, antioxidants and nutritious to reboot your spirit, also can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. Next time when you are at supermarket to stock up your snacks, choose an apple, a pack of raspberry or a handful of grapes instead of a big bag of chips and chocolate bars.

Power off and restart active living

Be honest, how many hours do you spend in front of the computer or looking down into your iphone in a day? Many people sedentary on a “still screen” playing online games or watching long series TV dramas as afterwork entertainments. Guess what, those are the reasons you put on weight and became out of shape. Well, I know it is hard to completely offline, but you can start by breaking up those long hours such as adding small exercises like sit-ups and push-ups in between. And tonight after dinner, choose to go for a jog instead of your social medias, you will be surprise how many new friends you can run into apart from online networking.

Snooze, you won’t lose

People living in the competitive and fast-pace society like Hong Kong are renowned for their grueling working timetable. We always feel burnt out because our day is getting shorter and shorter, we are crammed with many events throughout the week and try to maximize our time with different tasks in a day. At the end of the night, we never get to shut our eyes completely. The simple solution to regain the energy to greet each day with enthusiasm is to SLEEP. Sufficient sleep is a key element of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and many more. Go to bed earlier tonight and don’t scarify your precious sleeping hours anymore.

Wellbeing = Be content, always stay Positive Stay positive & Love you life

Beauty comes from inside out, while a new fad of daily eating habits and physical exercises are essential to keep your body in better shape; having a good mental health is also a significant criteria to a healthy life. Your body connected to your mind, it’s time to look after your emotional wellness! Don’t despair and lock yourself in a dead-corner, keep a positive mindset and approach unpleasantness in a more optimistic and productive way. I found that mixing yoga into my exercise routine helps overcome my negative thought. The rhythmic breathing dispels stress and anxiety; the concentration gives me peaceful time to discover my strengths; and creates space to relax the mind to understand my emotions. Once you found yourself, learned to accept and love who you are , you will become content with what you have and be happy with your life.

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