Prague Czech Republic

For today’s post we head to Prague Czech Republic, as matythecreator takes us around this great City.

Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic and is located in the middle of the country. The city is divided into two parts the Old Town and the New town, which are separated by the river Vltava.

Prague is mostly famous for the historical sights in the Old Town, like Prague Castle, Saint Vitus Cathedral and Charles Bridge. Most of these famous atractions are often crowded by tourists from all around the world, that’s something photographers are not so happy about. You can also take a tour with the old fashioned tour cars around the most famous spots in the Prague, or you can use public transport. As a lover of urban photography, Prague’s underground offers a lot of compositions and futuristic looks. I mentioned underground, but the city can also offer a lot of urban spots, which I really like, one of my favourites is Troja Bridge.

Prague is also beautiful at night, walks by the Vltava at sunset, or in the evening offers some of the most beautiful things you will ever see. At night you can visit a lot of clubs or pubs and have a few drinks with your friends. If you are going to visit Prague trust me, you will never get bored!

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

My recommendation for having a great cup of tea in Prague is Dobrá Čajovna. It is an old fashioned, really pleasant and cozy tea shop with a lot of different kinds of tea. Every tea lover can pick his favourite tea.

Prague Czech Republic feature Image Caption: Troja Bridge

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