Kauai Island Hawaii

Kauai Island Hawaii

For today’s post we take a look around Kauai Island Hawaii, as kysoncurammeng takes us around this beautiful island he calls home.

Kauai is one of the most magical and majestic places in the United States. From the jaw dropping cliff sides of the Napali Coast to the mesmerizing waterfalls hidden deep within the most tranquil forestry, Kauai definitely has a lot to offer for a person who loves nature and enjoys being out doors.

There is not one specific place nor time of day that I could say is the best, but I can say that no matter where or what time of day it is you can will always run into a little slice of heaven. It’s always pretty warm throughout the year so hitting up any of the various secret beaches or hiking into a waterfall would be a good idea.

However if you do enjoy a gorgeous sunset like me then I would highly recommend watching the sun go down from Hanalei Pier on the North Shore. The constant trade winds here always tend to bring something different whether it be from the rich red and orange colors or the shades of purples that come to follow shortly after, Kauai never has a sunset that’s the same.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview 

I enjoy having tea (preferably Hawaiian Sun brand Green Tea) outside anywhere at a beach, mountain top or waterfall.

Kauai Island Hawaii feature Image Caption: Awa’awapuhi Ridge Views, Kokee.

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