THE THIEF hotel – Oslo

The Thief Hotel - Oslo

Stepping into THE THIEF hotel – Oslo is sure to rob you of something. Something familiar and shall we say, enslaving at times. And the thing is that the hotel is so good at it…that you might not notice until the end. You suddenly find yourself engaged in a world of new impressions: cutting-edge art, design, architecture and world-class gastronomy. And then it hits you, what’s been stolen from you…you haven’t had a single thought about your very long to-do list, the responsibilities at home, your everyday worries.

THE THIEF was, after all, born on Tjuvholmen (Thief Islet), an island overrun by robbers and prostitutes in the 18th century. Taking its infamy earnestly, this redeveloped island today boasts entertainment of a different kind and is fast becoming Oslo’s new cultural centre.

The hotel’s permanent art collection is no less impressive, with Sune Nordgren, the former director of Norway’s National Museum of Art, at the helm. THE THIEF cost more per room to build than any hotel in Scandinavia, and it shows.

Each of the 118 rooms, including the six junior suites and iconic suites such as “The Oslo Suite” at THE THIEF hotel – Oslo are characterised by their individuality. Be it through the handpicked artwork, furnishings from world-renowned designers or the latest technology, a timeless elegance comes together with cosmopolitan flair throughout the hotel.

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