London United Kingdom VI

London United Kingdom VI
We love our capital London United Kingdom VI, today iamveronicca takes us for another look around this amazing city.

London is my absolute favourite place in the world. It is unique and very cosmopolitan and it is one of those places where you can hear all sorts of languages, from English to Gujarati.

That is why I love this city so much – for being multicultural. You can also experience the weather change in very short time period, which is very common. One minute it could be sunny and the next you can see a hail storm -no matter what time of the year is.

Now you are probably asking – why on earth would I had chosen to live on the place like this? Well, the answer is simple, as they say: “You can not have a rainbow without a little rain.” Despite the wind and rain, when the sun comes out, London becomes the nicest and coolest place to be with all the green space it has and you can just chill and enjoy the views over the city.

What is your favourite place to enjoy a cup of tea? #teawithaview


One of my favourite spots is called Primrose hill – that is the place where I love sipping my tea and basically having a blast. And the best thing about this is being able to enjoy all this with the lovely people around you.

London United Kingdom VI feature Image Caption: View across the river Thames facing the London Eye.

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