Blueberry Blues Berry Cake

Blueberry Blues Berry Cake

Today’s recipe of The Soul Man – Blueberry Blues Berry Cake is brought to us by another_plantbased_foodie.

This delicious cake is Gluten free, Sugar free, Soy free, Vegan and Paleo, – making it full of essential nutrients and entirely guilt free! Plus, it tastes amazing! If you follow me you will know I’m absolutely obsessed with berries (seriously try and find a dish on their that doesn’t involve either chocolate or berries), but out of all berry dishes I have made I must say this berry cake is by-far one of my favourites! And best of all it is made using Tea and the Gang’s Blueberry Blues herbal tea!

I hope you enjoy the recipe.


(Makes 1 miniature cake):

  • ½ cup of Buckwheat.
  • 2 tsp of sweetener of choice (adjust to taste).
  • ½ tsp of baking powder.
  • 1 ½ Tbs of Cacao butter (melted).
  • One flax egg.
  • 1  cup of Blueberry Blues herbal tea.
  • Berries.

The Soul Man - Blueberry Blues Berry Cake Ingredients


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C .
  2. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl.

3. Add wet ingredients and whisk until smooth.

4. Add berries (More the better I say!)

5. Pour into lined cake dish*

6. Cook until cake springs back when lightly touched.

7. Enjoy!

Note: Recipe suitable for a 10(D) x 5(H) cake dish

Blueberry Blues Berry Cake

The Soul Man – Blueberry Blues Berry Cake article written by and all photos are copyright of another_plantbased_foodie


Why not try our amazing The Soul Man Blueberry Blues herbal tea for yourself, now available in single wrapped tea bag envelopes.

A PASSIONATE AND DYNAMIC blend of vibrant blueberries and elderberries, festooned with cornflowers and mallow flowers. The blues never tasted so good.


Hibiscus, Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Elderberries (9%), Freeze-dried Blueberry (8%), Mallow Flowers (5%), Orange Peel, Blue Cornflowers (2%), Natural Flavouring.

Caffeine Free.