Hong Kong II – Tea and the Gang

Hong Kong II


Today we are taken back to Hong Kong by tonyyphoto for another look around this fantastic City.

The reason I love Hong Kong is that it is such a complex City and has so much to offer with its Chinese roots and British colonial influence.

There are always so many things happening around you with its culture, entertainment, along with the amazing architecture and infrastructure which makes for endless photographic opportunities. I would like to share some of my favourite moments with you all.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

My favourite place to have a cup of tea would be: On the rooftops overlooking the Victoria Harbour as the sun sets.

Enjoy the golden sunset reflecting off Victoria Harbour.

Hong Kong comes alive at night where most of the entertainment begins after the sun sets.

Late night traffic flowing past the International Finance Centre towers which is also where
Batman in the movie “The Dark Knight” jumps from tower 2 at the back to tower 1 in the front.

Hong Kong has some of most densely residential buildings with unique patterns which makes for so many interesting photo opportunities.

Each Chinese New Year the locals come to Victoria Park to stroll through the Flower Market in search for the lucky plant for decoration at home during the festive season.

Fireworks are held annually on the second day of Chinese New Year which is an intrinsic part of the local tradition.

The Star Ferry is one of Hong Kong’s oldest transportation facilities dating back to the 1800’s and is an inexpensive way to enjoy the scenery of Victoria Harbour.

Regarded as one of the best Harbour Skyline views in the world, which I would totally agree with!

Hong Kong has the most amount of Skyscrapers in the world and how densely together they are makes it truly amazing.

Hong Kong is prone to storms and typhoons during summer. This year during one summer night over 10,000 strikes was recorded and I was lucky to be able to capture some of them.

Away from the city in the outlying islands lies a hidden gem which is the fishing village of Tai O, well known for its seafood, fishing culture and these stilt houses.

It’s not just buildings and skyscrapers, in less than an hour you can access various hiking trails and escape the busy urban areas to enjoy the nature
side of Hong Kong right at your doorstep.

Feature Image Caption: This spot has been visited by hundreds and thousands of people and it’s for a good reason. Its unique mix of landscape allows you to enjoy the architecture along with the sunrise which makes it a dramatic combination.

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