London – Tea and the Gang



Today we are taken around one of the finest cities in the world, London by local based photographer philipp_pley.

London is a place of extremes. It truly is one of few mega-cities and its prominence is enjoyed by the locals and revered the world over. What really fascinates me about London is how everyone, whether you’re an artist, a banker or whoever you may be, can find their niche and describe it as a special place to them. Everyone has their own interpretation of what “my London” means to them and I encourage everyone to try discover that at some point in their life. You’ll most surely be reeling for a long time as a visitor, that was at least my experience when I came to London as a tourist for the first time. The multicultural offering and the centuries past have left their mark on the city’s vibrant and iconic life that I personally never want to give up.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

When it comes to tea, look no further than the British culture, where ‘high tea’ plays a large role. For the quintessential high society experience The Ritz or one of the Park Lane hotels stand unrivalled, but when it comes to #teawithaview the Shangri La is unbeatable, located high up in the Shard, Europe’s tallest building, the use of that hashtag could not be more appropriate.

Elizabeth Tower.

Millenium Bridge.

Natural History Museum.

Park Lane.

Piccadilly Circus.

St Paul's Cathedral.

The City.

The Shard.

Tower Bridge.

Westminster at sunset.

Westminster Bridge.

Feature Image Caption: Tate Modern.

All content and photos are copyrighted and credited to philipp_pley