8 Tips to combat insomnia using tea

8 Tips to combat insomnia using tea

Here are 8 Tips to combat insomnia using tea!

We all know what it is like when you cannot get a full nights sleep, it can be challenging trying to get through that hard day at work, without any energy, not wanting to go to the gym or exercise because you are too tired. Well did you know that loads of people experience sleeping issues every single night? We here at Tea and the gang have compiled 8 Tips to combat insomnia, to help get you back into a sleeping routine and back from the land of the zombies!

1. Make sleep Number one! 

I know what you are thinking but the fact is until you accept that you have to make some changes to your routine and prioritise sleep, nothing will change. Studies have shown that when you are struggling to sleep your body behaves differently to food, can increase stress levels, lead to depression and to weight gain. So its time to focus on getting the sleep your body really needs.

2. No caffeine in the afternoon 

We all like to start the day with a caffeine boost and that is fine, but sometimes we keep going, especially on those hard work days. It is said that even after around seven hours a small amount of caffeine could still be in your system. So if you have that strong espresso in the afternoon, that could really be affecting your sleep. If you are like us and love your tea, we recommend switching to either a herbal tea or rooibos tea in the afternoon. Both are caffeine free and will help you settle when your head finally hits the pillow.

3. Exercise is King

Studies show that insomniacs that started a regular exercise program, slept better through the night and were far less depressed than others in the test. Why not start your day off with a nice run? It will help energise you for the rest of the day and don’t let the weather stop you.

4. Take it easy with the wine

We all know that when you are tired from a hard days work, the natural thing to do is crack open the nearest bottle of wine. But remember that the booze can affect your sleep especially if you are a woman. A study showed that a mans sleep was not affected but the woman slept for less time and woke up more times through the night, not to mention those night trips to the bathroom.

5. Relax after a hard days work.

So you have come home from work and the house is a mess, bills need paying, of course these things are going to raise your stress levels. But as difficult as things may seem try to take some time out for yourself, why not try a lovely cup of chamomile tea, have a nice hot bath and light a scented candle or if you can try and find a quiet place where you can sit down alone and think of paradise.

6. Get off the gadgets.

A lot of us are sat staring at a computer all day and then when we get home at night are are glued to our screens again or focussed on our phones and social media. Although apple have made great progress with night-time settings on the iphone screens, LED screens can stop the production of melatonin which is the hormone that makes you tired, over stimulated and this can all effect sleep. Why not swap you screen for a book or a nice view before bed?

7. Meditation

Not many people I know admit to meditation but there is no doubt that this can relax your body and mind, why not find out more about how meditation can help you. You can find some good tips here

8. Miss Yoga

Yoga is a proven way to find tranquility and relax your mind, body and soul. Why not start with some very simple yoga moves and see how it can help bring down your stress levels and aid with you sleep.

We hope you enjoyed our 8 Tips to combat insomnia and it will not be long until you are off in the land of nod!

8 Tips to combat insomnia using tea feature image credit to: Alyssa L. Miller