Melbourne Victoria – Australia

Melbourne Victoria - Australia

For today’s blog we are taken down under to Melbourne Victoria – Australia by the creative photographer unannounced_arrivals

I feel incredibly lucky to have grown up in Melbourne, an incredibly diverse and beautiful city. Ever since i was a young kid I have always been fascinated by this place, from our crazy passion for sport to our unique modern architecture. I have always been adventurous and wanted to further discover this. So i think picking up a camera was just a natural progression.

Throughout my teenage years me and my friends would attempt to find ways to sneak onto city rooftops and explore Melbourne underground and places that the general public rarely get to see. I think this type of photography is incredibly important to show the true side of Melbourne and I’m glad to say i was a part of that.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

From Inside the Eurkea Tower at sunset, witnessing the great panoramic 360 views!

Feature Image Caption: Melbourne comes to life at night.

Melbourne Victoria – Australia: All content and photos are credited to unannounced_arrivals


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