Living a gluten free life

Today The Gluten Free Guider explains how living a gluten free life is not as difficult as you might think.

My Gluten Free lifestyle started as a diet for Coeliac Disease and is now resulting as the latest trend.

In a world full of crazes, diets, fitness, new flows and health addictions we are all hooked on the latest discovery.
I work in the fitness industry and advise on nutritious diets as well as attending Westminster University studying Human Nutrition Honours Degree in science. I get compliments and questions lately on my figure and on the way I look. More than I have ever had before.
  • Do I eat chocolate? Yes.
  • Do I eat carbs? Yes (ALWAYS a shocker).
  • Do I still fry chicken? OF COURSE!

Being healthy doesn’t mean SACRIFICE! I can’t project this enough to you. I don’t sacrifice the things I enjoy because if I did, the chances of me binging on them and coming off a clean diet might come into play. It literally is just all about eating the right foods together, eating at a good hour and finally eating decent food.

Exercise And Getting Started! – Okay, so rule number one is… “WHY?” Why do you want to exercise? For your mind? Body? To correct some insecurities? Not all exercises will fix each reason but there will always be one that will and this leads to the next question. “How could you enjoy this?” To keep it up and stay with it, you will need to see it as FUN activity and not a chore. For example, I don’t really enjoy Yoga and it wouldn’t encourage me to go daily, for that very reason. I love anything cardiovascular or active – I believe it is the (main) reason I don’t ever get stressed in life. So before you start fitness, have a think about what you would enjoy; I also think it is great to mix it up from time to time too. Try different things because they can bring you new feelings and new interests. You may like the feeling of being slender; you may prefer the feeling of getting strong. It may change from time to time and that is the great thing about exercise, it can always change.

When should you eat before exercise to burn fats? In new research it is said that:

MEN – Should not eat before a workout in the morning and you will burn up to 20% more fat than with breakfast.

Women – Should eat between 80-100 minutes before working out and you can burn up to 28% more fat than with breakfast!

With that being said, a healthy lifestyle always is combined of three things. Diet, exercise and physiological. Exercise is determined by the fuel you feed > the fuel you feed your body is determined by the way you think and feel > way you feel and think is settled by exercise. All blending well in a natural circle that life has given us.

Gluten free is a trend that turns into a lifestyle which never fades. There is a reason why celebrities and athletes rave about the diet. It makes you feel more like you. There is no other way to describe it. The energy you have in your teens and as a child comes flowing back. There are so many recipes you can try, meals that can be adjusted to be gluten free and it certainly does not have to be expensive. I live in central London in the UK and spend around £20 a week for the two of us.

Probably the most common question I get asked is “What is gluten?”.

I will be honest, before I was diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease, I was not aware of what it was, besides “you can’t eat bread”.

So, in a nutshell Gluten is a mixture of two proteins present in cereal grains. Wheat being the main and most known one. The others being: Barley, Rye, Gluten –  and for some OATS and large amounts of WHEY. But Whey I know can be an exception. Depending on your digestive system.

So what does this diet mean? I would describe gluten as the glue that holds your food together.

Gluten is something your body does not need. Your body does not find it easy to digest and it does not give your body any benefit what so ever. That is why you LOSE WEIGHT when you go gluten free and find it hard to pile on the pounds. You feel lighter because your body can digest everything easily and your are consuming less starch, resulting in more energy.

Why not give the living a gluten free life a go, there is only one way to find out how it can improve your lifestyle.

All content and photos are credited to The Gluten Free Guider

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