How many repetitions are necessary?

How many repetitions are necessary?

Have you every wondered how to get started with weight training at the gym and how many repetitions are necessary?

Today bettynimmerrichter explains just how many reps you need to get the results you deserve!

Hey! You have already set your personal fitness goal, but you don’t know how you can achieve it? You don’t know how many reps you have to do to achieve muscle growth or increase in strength? Then listen to this!

It’s important to know that your muscle needs to be under high tension for some time to bring about the desired effect. You have to train differently depending on your goals. A workout for muscle endurance differs greatly from training for maximum strength. Below I’ll introduce you to 3 training methods with their respective effect on your muscles.

Muscle endurance training, 15-30 repetitions

Muscle endurance workouts not only improve the metabolism within your muscles, but they also increase your fatigue strength. The latter means that you can perform under high strain for a longer period of time. Furthermore, you improve the blood circulation (capillarization) and distribution of nutrients within your muscles. So you build the basic “infrastructure”, which prepares you for the other more intense training methods listed below.

Muscle growth training, 8-15 repetitions

To increase the volume of your muscles, you need to train in a lower range of repetitions. Besides muscle growth, this training improves your joints’ stability. Muscle growth itself supports fat reduction. If you want to lose body fat, and at the same time obtain your muscles, which you’ve already built with hard work, then a muscle growth training is the right choice for you. Why is that? If you go on a diet and don’t give your body enough nutrients, it will change to contingency measures. This means it will reduce energy consumption of structures, which are not absolutely necessary, such as your muscles. By working out regularly you show your body that muscles are still required and that it has to use your fat reserves.

Maximum strength training, 1-5 repetitions

As the name tells, this training method increases your level of strength. Besides, it’s very effective for improving your intra-muscular coordination (interaction of nerve and muscle). You’ll also increase the resilience of your musculoskeletal system.

In any of the above mentioned training methods you should choose your weight so that you cannot do more than 2 more repetitions after reaching the recommended number of repetitions. This means that you don’t need to go until muscular failure (i.e. the point where you cannot do any more), especially not as a beginner. So you can stop 1-2 repetitions before muscular failure with an easy conscience.

You have to keep in mind that there are no definite boundaries between the training methods mentioned. Transitions are fluid. The number of repetitions mentioned above should be a good orientation though.

Don’t forget a healthy, balanced and protein-rich diet. It’s as necessary as your training to achieving your goals.

And now fellows, let’s start our workout!

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How many repetitions are necessary? – Article written by: bettynimmerrichter

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