5 tips to a healthy lifestyle

5 tips to a healthy lifestyle

Today’s 5 tips to a healthy lifestyle is brought to us by health and fitness guru bethwalkemeyer

Hey there!

I’m Beth Walkemeyer, i’m 22 years old and i run my own business as a health & lifestyle mentor and traveller. I have dabbled in the fitness modelling world and hope to inspire others to live a healthy and beautiful life on the inside and out. I am obsessed with helping people to reach their goals and making a difference in the world!

For most of my life I neglected my health, lacked energy, motivation and mental clarity. I struggled with self worth and it wasn’t until I put my health first that the rest of my life began to flourish.  I see it like the emergency procedures on an airplane. Put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you assist others. Theres no point trying to make a difference in the world if you can’t even help yourself. These 5 tips i have given you today have been what has shaped so much growth in my life. The more i grow in these areas the faster I can achieve my dreams and help others to do the same.

1) Eat Well

What you put in is what you’ll get out. The maths is so simple. If you want to feel good you have to invest into high quality nutrition. I personally am a huge believer in supplementation. Even if you are eating all organic and clean, you will still be lacking essential vitamins and minerals in your diet. I used to suffer with fatigue, feelings of anxiousness, bad sleeps, relied on coffee/sugar, had bloating, bad skin and the list goes on. The only way I improved my health was to say yes to giving new things a go and only giving myself the best of the best. As a result every area of my health has improved. Because I eat well (and mind you I still enjoy some naughty treats every now and then) I am more motivated, energetic and feel much more in control of my health.

2) Mindfulness

I’m so passionate about this topic. If you can check off #1 this should come a little bit easier to you. If you aren’t feeling good on the inside because of what you are fuelling your body with then chances are you don’t have a healthy mind. You brain is made up of what you eat too! I find doing simple daily meditations (10 minutes max for me), taking time to think, not just reaching for my phone first thing every morning, and having my mind set up for the day means that I ultimately am in control of my day.

3) Get Moving

There is way too much pressure these days to go to a gym and there are way too many people that are too self conscious to even step foot in a gym. If anyone asks me what they should do exercise wise to keep in shape, I simply tell them to get moving. Find something active that you love doing whether it is surfing, walking, running, skating, bike riding, team sports, swimming etc. Change it up, do what you love and the goal is to just get moving. Sometimes if the day has slipped past me I’ll do a quick 5-10 minute ab workout in my room!

4) Keep Hydrated

This is something I still have to focus on so this is for me too! It’s so important to keep hydrated as it’s the way the body has the fuel to cleanse itself. If you find drinking water hard, try coconut water, or infuse your water with lemon, berries, cucumber, mint, or something natural to give it a bit of flavour! Avoid flavoured water from the shops!! This is usually pumped with flavours, preservatives and all sorts of things! Crazy I know!

5) Sunshine

It’s the best medicine! Get outside! I think this is where I get a lot of my happiness is just breathing in some fresh air everyday. In our day and age people spend way too much of their time indoors. Even if it is raining, stormy or freezing cold it’s such a perfect excuse to go run around and get muddy, feel the rain on your skin or the snow tickle your skin.

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