Central Switzerland

Central Switzerland

Today we are taken around beautiful Central Switzerland by talented photographer frankschaufuss.

I feel fortunate to call Central Switzerland my home. In my teenage years I have become addicted to nature and outdoor sports. I am a lover of the twilight and night time out on the mountains around Lucerne, my home town.

In winter I often venture out ski touring into the sunset or sunrise, often alone. Cold crisp air in my lungs, an explosion of colors in my eyes and the first or last rays of the sun on my face, these moments are priceless.

This place is also perfect for hike & flying, i.e. carrying a 5kg mountain paragliding kit up various peaks, mostly famous Mount Pilatus, and then flying back down and landing right in front of my house. Again, for me dusk and dawn are the most special times of the day, they evoke the most intense emotions in me.

These adventures fill my soul, the search for magic moments is an everlasting passion.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

I always carry a hydration pack, often filled with good tea. Therefore, my favourite place to have a sip of tea is on a mountain watching all the awfulness unfold in front of me.

Feature Image Caption: Another early sunrise hike & fly outing in our back yard play ground, Mount Pilatus

Central Switzerland all content and photos are copyrighted and credited to frankschaufuss.


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