Today’s healthy 4-INGREDIENT PROTEIN PACKED SQUARE BARS recipe is brought to us by laurasliebe and are the perfect snacks to pop into your gym bag.

Protein is great thing. It helps you build muscles, fills you up and gives you energy. To get enough of this nutritient, protein bars can be a good option, as they are pretty easy to grab if you are on the run or you need a healthy snack. Unfortunately most conventional protein bars are packed with lots of artificial flavorings and sweeteners and are often pretty expensive as well.

So here is what I created: 20g all vegan, raw protein bars with only four ingredients that will satisfy your sweet tooth and the protein needs of your body. Super simple and made within 5 minutes, so grab your blender and here we go.


(For about 4 squares or bars, depending on size):

  • 100g dates (medjool are best!)
  • 80g brown rice protein powder
  • 30g all-natural peanut butter
  • 10g raw cacao powder


  1. Simply put the ingredients together starting with the dates, adding the rice protein, cacao and the peanut butter at last.

2. Then simply pulse well until everything is smooth.

3. The mass is quite sticky, so take care of your blender and pulse with short breaks. When everything is mixed well put the mixture into a box (the overall size will decide how thick/big or small your bars will be) and put them into the fridge, so they are easier to cut later on.
And then…?

4. Enjoy!

An extra Tip: They are perfect for the autumn season and why not enjoy with a nice hot cup of tea?

4-INGREDIENT PROTEIN PACKED SQUARE BARS article written by and all photos are copyright of laurasliebe