The Gold Coast Brisbane Australia

Today we head to the The Gold Coast Brisbane Australia. As jarred.reinke takes us around this surfers paradise.

Beginning life as a secluded beachside holiday destination for wealthy Brisbane residents, the Gold Coast has since grown exponentially – now the largest non-capital city in Australia. Boasting breath-taking beaches, thrilling theme parks, chilled-out cafes, beautiful boutiques and rich rainforests’, this south-east region of Queensland offers a cornucopia of experiences. Plus, with year-round sunshine coupled with an average annual temperature of 24oC, there is truly little wonder why millions flock to the Gold Coast each year.

Despite being deservedly dubbed a world-renowned tourist destination, hidden gems do still exist, lesser-known places that are all too often overlooked by the hordes of tourists. Though, picking up a camera, I have learnt, really makes you appreciate the pure beauty of such undiscovered delights; the sheer beauty of the Gold Coast has inspired me to get out and shoot more often.

We live in such a fast-paced world, though photography for me is when I am able to slow down, appreciate things within their simplest form. Having lived south of Brisbane for my whole life, under an hour’s drive away from the Gold Coast, has meant I have been lucky enough to make regularly visits. As mentioned there is a lot to love about the Gold Coast, though simply strolling along one of the countless beaches, feeling the golden sand between your toes, as the sun sets never gets old.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

My personal favourite spot to enjoy a cup of tea along the vast coastline of the Gold Coast would have to be upstairs at Café D’Bar, an old Queenslander right on the border of New South Wales at Point Danger boasting truly stunning views of the entire coast.

Feature Image Caption: 1 of 39 lifeguard huts dotted along the Gold Coast’s sun-kissed coastline.

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