Homebaked Cinnamon rolls

Homebaked Cinnamon Rolls

Today’s recipe of homebaked cinnamon rolls brought to us by yoga master and healthy lifestyle foodie Scorpionmind

I had homebaked cinnamon rolls rolls on my mind for quite a while now, I love cinnamon and just everything that is baked and sweet. Especially now that the weather is cold and the only thing you wanna do is cuddle up, throw a blanket over yourself and read a thrilling book and have a nice cup of tea. It’s actually the first time i tried to make cinnamon rolls but they actually turned out to be really delicious. They are all vegan and super simple.
My roommates approved as well, since they gathered around the baking tray like hungry wolves waiting for their meal as soon as the rolls came out of the oven.

So here is the super easy, really quick recipe for my cinnamon rolls.


For the dough i used ready-made puff pastry (you can find it in any shop and most of them are vegan)

For the filling you only need:

  •  about 60 grams of margarine (vegan butter)
  • 30 grams sugar (i used 15g of vanilla sugar and 15g of cane sugar) -1 scoop vanilla protein (vegan of course)
  • lots of cinnamon
  • 1-2 teaspoons of chias-eeds

You can also add in whatever you fancy really.


1. Add the margarine, along with the sugar, cinnamon, protein powder and chia- seeds in a sauce pan and heat it up until everything is well combined and your kitchen smells like christmas.
2. In the meantime roll out the puff pastry.

3. When everything is molten and a nice and a semi-thick sugar sauce has formed, spread it onto the dough. Try to cover everything, it doesn’t have to be a thick layer.

4. Once you are done, roll up the puff pastry from one end, in order to get a big cinnamon sausage.

5. Next you cut thumb-thick pieces off the roll and arrange them on a baking sheet with a bit of distance between each of them.

6. The instructions on how long and how hot to bake them should be marked on the packaging of your puff pastry. I baked mine at 200 degrees for about 25 minutes. Until they turned a golden colour.

7. Enjoy!

Homebaked Cinnamon rolls article written by and all photos are copyright of Scorpionmind