Iceland Scandinavia II

Iceland Scandinavia II

For today’s post we head to our beautiful Iceland Scandinavia II, as guapa_fede takes us around this beautiful country. Nature is the undiscussed leading actor in this young country.

We started our adventure in Reykjavík, on the fascinating tarmac stripe that runs all around the Iceland coast, the Ring Road! The nature here is fierce, powerful, enchanting, endless, hypnotic. You can just acknowledge that you are a simple and powerless creature, contemplating and respecting nature is the only thing that you can do! It’s the land of fire and ice.

The land of the opposites. It’s all about the irregular lines of the glacier and the smooth curves of the boiling water, the strength of the columnar basalt and the nimbleness of the aurora borealis, the slow movement of the icebergs in the lagoon and the powerful speed of the wind, the heat of the sun and the sharpness of the iced rain.

We were incredibly lucky to be able to see all this in just ten days, at the end of February.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

The perfect place to drink hot tea is in the middle of nowhere, waiting for the incredible northern lights to show up, surrounded by snow, mountains, stars filled sky and the person you love most.

Feature Image Caption: Jokulsarlon Iceberg Lagoon.

All content and photos are copyrighted and credited to guapa_fede


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