Today’s ‘The Bandit’ inspired recipe of Chocolate and Orange Doughnuts are brought to us by vegan sugarlessv

This Chocolate Orange gluten-free doughnut recipe is guaranteed to give you your share of the spoils. As a baker, I am passionate about not using refined sugar in my baking and I like to use raw fruits where I can.
These doughnuts are a very indulgent treat and are Vegan friendly, the perfect snack to enjoy with a hot cup of tea, without the guilt and the best part is you can decorate them with whatever you fancy, I personally like to use raw fruits.
This  recipe was inspired by ‘The Bandit chocolate orange black tea’ which is the perfect cup of Chocolate and Orange.



  1. Pour into a bowl the flour, starch, yeast, salt, sugar, vanilla and chopped chocolate.
  2. Mix together and add the orange peel, almond butter, oil, milk and finally the tea

3. Mix with a whip and make sure not to leave any lumps.

4. Pour into a oven tray and cook in the oven heated at 160 degrees C for 25-30 minutes.

5. Decorate as you like.

6. Enjoy!

Chocolate and Orange Doughnuts article written by and all photos are copyright of sugarlessv