Cagliari Sardinia Italy

Cagliari Sardinia Italy

Today we head to Cagliari Sardinia Italy, the capital city of the Italian island of Sardinia as keep.on.walking.28 takes us around this beautiful place.

Cagliari is the most important city of Sardinia and was built on the seven calcareous hills. Most of the year it is characterized by it’s warm temperate climate. Located a few minutes from the city centre is Poetto beach, surmounted by the Sella del Diavolo (the devil’s saddle) which belongs to the Calamosca hill.

Pink flamingos

Nearby you can find the natural regional park of Molentargius and the salt plains where you can enjoy the view of the many pink flamingos, who every year choose the Molentargius for nesting. The city center extends from the port to the Castello district area, the most characteristic. It appears with high exterior walls, the San Pancrazio and the Elephant tower, the Saint Remy and Santa Croce Ramparts, the cathedral and the Viceregio Palace (deputy of the king’s palace). Thanks to the morphology of the territory there are many panoramic viewpoints from which one can see the city and the sea.

What is your favourite place to enjoy a cup of tea? #teawithaview

The best place to drink a cup of tea (hopefully cold, because of the climate) is of course with a sea view at one of the many the beach pubs; but there are also other places, like the Santa Croce Rampart which allow you to enjoy a cup of tea and a beautiful cityscape.

Cagliari Sardinia Italy feature Image Caption: Cagliari from Santa Croce Rampart.

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