How to make cold brew teas

How to make cold brew teas

Here is a step by step guide on how to make cold brew teas.

Summer is here and it could not be more simple to make the perfect Cold brew tea. We have all experienced the really hot summer days where hot drinks are just not appealing enough to quench your thirst, many people turn to unhealthy, sugary, fizzy drinks, but it is so simple to make a delicious, healthy cold brewed iced tea.

All you need is some Premium whole leaf teabags and some cold water, pop it in the fridge for at least 6-12 hours (Ideally 12-24 hours for the best flavour) and you have an amazing cold drink that is super healthy for you.

How to make cold brew teas

Why Cold Brew?

One of the best things about cold brewing tea, is that you get a very different flavour profile from hot tea. The cold brewing process has a different chemical reaction with the tea leaves and gives you a much smoother flavour profile.

The amount of caffeine is also reduced when cold brewing so you can enjoy your green, black, white and Oolong teas, knowing that they have less caffeine than when you brew them with hot water.

It’s also a great way to enjoy old favourites, with such a difference in flavour profiles you can have some real fun with your favourite teas. We at Tea HQ really like to take our spicy Christmas winter blend – Santa’s babe and brew it cold. The ginger has a really smooth taste, with less spice to it compared to when it is brewed hot, so can be enjoyed in a completely different way, in a much warmer climate.

Our recommended teas for cold brew

We have done a lot of cold brewing over at Tea HQ and all of our teas are good, but our 4 favourites so far are:



The great thing about cold brewing is you can find a recipe which suits your taste and can have some real fun experimenting with different tea blends.

Why not try adding:
  • Homemade syrup to the cold brew if you like sweet tea, you can choose to make a healthy syrup by using coconut sugar or honey.
  • Fresh herbs or fruits to pair with the tea. For example, for our lemon and lime green tea, why not add some fresh lemon and lime, or blueberries to our blueberry blues herbal tea?
  • Some healthy lemonade, or sparkling water will really bring your cold brew to life.
  • Citrus peel, zest, or slices.

You can find our simple and delicious cold brew recipe card below.

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