5 Tips on how to throw a cool tea party

5 Tips on how to throw a cool tea party

Here are 5 Tips on how to throw a cool tea party for your guests.

As you might have already noticed, we do not do things the traditional way over at Tea and the gang HQ and we think it is high time the old stuffy tea parties become a thing of the past.

1. Keep away from the dusty stuff!

First of all, find a tea brand that does good quality tea. If you are still serving up tea dust to your guests you might as well stop reading the remainder of this post. Yes it is cheap as chips to find any old tea at the supermarket but there is a good reason it is cheap and more than likely tea dust. We have all seen 100 x tea bags for a couple of quid. But what you really want is a Premium whole leaf tea as it is not bitter and can be enjoyed with or without milk. Fail to do this and you might end up with no friends after that party.

2. Get rid of the China!

We love vintage design over at Tea HQ, but the old traditional China tea set has been done a thousand times before. Tea accessories are key to a successful tea party. Watch this space as we are on the hunt for cool accessories to add to our store over the coming months.

3. Bye bye cucumber sandwiches.

Remember when Grandma used to make cucumber sandwiches and serve them with a pot of tea? Yeah, well, your guests will too. It is time to swap the sandwiches for a more modern twist. Why not serve up a gourmet toasted cheese sandwich to your guests as a timely reminder that modern cuisine works well with a good cup of tea.

4. Out with Champagne, in with Tea cocktails

We all love a glass of Champagne and it does work well with a celebration, but why not go the extra mile and serve your guests some creative tea inspired cocktails. There are so many good recipes on the web and they are so simple to make. Bonus is that everyone gets tipsy and has a great time.

5. Pump some personality into your party.

We can’t help you with you conversation, but we can offer cool tea design’s to grab your guests attention. Perhaps you have a friend who is a hipster, or maybe a bit of a Princess? Well we have a tea for all of that 🙂

Add some Hipster to your party!

We hope you enjoyed our 5 Tips on how to throw a cool tea party. Why not check out our amazing Raspberry and Mint Herbal tea – The Hipster!

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