The Hawaiian – Piña Colada Smoothie

The Hawaiian - Piña Colada Smoothie

It maybe a little late in Europe for Summer but it is never too late for The Hawaiian – Piña Colada Smoothie. Today’s recipe is brought to us by sweetcaramelsunday.

Hey, hey guys!! I have an awesome new recipe that I am super excited to share with you today.

Today’s recipe features one of Tea and the gang’s beautiful teas – The Hawaiian. I know we all like to knock back a cocktail or 2 here and there. Especially as we approach the festive season BUT, and there is always a but. It is especially important to stay hydrated and refreshed during this time and that is where this Piña Colada Smoothie comes into play.

For this recipe, I wanted to take you away for a break from day to day life. To give you a sense of fun and adventure and create a space where you could breathe deeps sighs of relaxation (la, la la!).

The combination of the Piña Colada brewed Black Tea, with the frozen pineapple chucks, coconut chips, coconut milk and fresh mint will really allow you to let your hair down.

The best thing about the recipe is also that is is SO easy. You throw all of the ingredients into your blender jug and moments later you will be dreaming of desert islands and feeling the sand beneath your feet. The wind will be in your hair and you won’t know yourself!

I brewed the tea for this to start with as I know it is a big no no for my blender to have hot liquids in it. So that is step one and by the time, you have sorted the other ingredients and got your hula skirt on, you will be ready to blitz it all together.


The Hawaiian – Piña Colada Smoothie

  • Two bags pina colada black tea (tea and the gang)
  • 2 x cups frozen pineapple
  • 2 x cups frozen coconut chunks
  • 1 cup coconut milk


Frozen ingredients - Pina Colada smoothie

You buy both the frozen pineapple pieces and coconut chips in the frozen section of the supermarket. I got the mint fresh from the fruit shop (I have grown it in the past, but QLD heat obliterates most herbs unless you have a greenhouse).


The Hawaiian – Piña Colada Smoothie

  1. Boil the kettle, place 2 tea bags into a large tea mug and pour hot water in to brew tea.

  2. Combine frozen pineapple, coconut chunks and coconut milk into a blender jug.

  3. When tea is cool, add to the jug and blitz all ingredients to combine.
Recipe notes:
  • Ensure tea is cool before adding to the blender jug.
  • Add the mint to taste, more mint will provide a stronger more refreshing flavour and your drink will be greener. Less mint and you will have more of a coconut flavour and your drink will be whiter.
  • Some stores will call the coconut chips and some will call them chunks – if you go to the freezer section, you will find them either way.
  • TEA INGREDIENTS: Sri Lankan black tea, Coconut, Dried apple, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Pineapple pieces, Natural flavouring. (Contains Caffeine)

The Hawaiian - Piña Colada Smoothie
As for the mint, it really can be done to taste. I find it refreshing and a great flavour in this combination of ingredients. If you are not as big a fan, I would recommend, using a few leaves, torn apart and put in the mix, then taste the drink and add more if you like. You will definately not miss the booze in this recipe. You honestly don’t need it. Maybe this can be your ‘morning after’ drink instead of your the ‘night of’ drink.

Article written by and all photos are copyright of sweetcaramelsunday



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