The Dolomites – Italy II

The Dolomites - Italy II

Today we take a look around The Dolomites – Italy II, as the super talented wildheart_gipsysoul takes us for a special glimpse into this amazing place.

There are some places in the world that remain inside you more than others. And between them there is one place, one simple place, that clicks with your soul. My home country, Italy, is blessed with an incredible variety of panoramas – from the cities of art, to the crystal clear sea – but Dolomites have always been my special place.

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Today Dolomites are very famous, especially on the social media world, but for me this incredibile mountain region is way more than that. For me Dolomites means Home. Also called the “Pale Mountains” for their geological conformation, they are unique formations that leave breathless even those who have traveled all over the world. Wonderful in every season, Dolomites are particularly fascinating for their colors: the blue of the alpine lakes, the red of  the mountains at sunrise and sunset, the bright colors of wild flowers, the green of the meadows and woods, the colorful and cozy little towns. The landscape seems painted by a painter, and gives the feeling of a fairytale.I have been visiting this area since I was born and it always feels like home to me, yet with new surprises on each visit.

What is your favourite place to enjoy a cup of tea? #teawithaview

To be honest, any single spot on The Dolomites – Italy II is perfect for a cup of tea! But if I had to choose, Lake Braies is my choice: at sunset, on a cozy blanket on the shores of the lake, just me, the water and the mountains (and my dog of course!).

The Dolomites - Italy II
Tre Cime di Lavaredo.
3. Val di Funes.
The Dolomites - Italy II
Dobbiaco Lake.
Geisler Alm.
The Dolomites - Italy II
Sella Pass.
Val Fiscalina.
Campo Tures waterfall.
The Dolomites - Italy II
Landro Lake.




The Dolomites - Italy
Val di Funes.


Feature Image Caption: Braies Lake

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