Plastic free – biodegradable teabags

Plastic free - biodegradable teabags

Welcome to our Plastic free – biodegradable teabags blog post.

Tea and the gang is proud of the fact that we do not have any plastic in our teabags, but did you know that roughly 96% of the teabags on the market contain polypropylene? This how most tea bags are sealed and you may think that sticking them in the food waste is a great thing, but in fact you’re potentially putting chemicals that are toxic into compost and these could eventually work their way into the ground.

What do we do differently I hear you ask?

Our plastic free biodegradable teabags are made from a cornstarch material and for the print on our tags, we use vegetable inks. Everything is then cut, stuck and shaped by intelligent lasers.

We have now switched our inner bags, which hold our 15 biodegradable teabags from plastic to a new biodegradable/compostable cellulose alternative material called Natureflex. This has been tested and is fully biodegradable, so the great news is you can now just pop the everything into the compost.

Retail boxes

Our retail boxes are made from paper and can be sent for recycling. So rest assured that when you buy a retail pack of 15 teabags from Tea and the gang, you are buying a quality product, which does not have an impact on our amazing environment..

Tea and the gang says no to plastic! and will continue to source the best materials on the market, which have the smallest impact on the environment.

Plastic free - biodegradable teabags


We are a young company who passionately believe that tea is good for your health. In order to be able to make you feel even better when you drink our tea we need to reassure you that in carrying out our business we act responsibly. This means we have to be sure that what we do is minimising any negative effect on Earth’s environment and, of course, upon its people.

You can find out more about our sustainability program here: 


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