Chicago – Tea and the Gang



For today’s post we head to America’s third biggest city of Chicago with some beautiful views by Chicagoan deftony83

I have been living in Chicago for almost 2 years and there is not a single dull moment in this city. Chicago is Full of Life and photo opportunities that are just mouth watering. Chicagoan’s are very passionate when it comes to sports and they support their teams no matter what their current performance is like. Cityscapes here are just stunning, when I visited Chicago for the first time I knew this is my new home. I  fell in love with this City and perhaps with this blog, I might persuade to come check it out over a nice cup of tea of course.

What is your favourite place to have a cup of tea? #teawithaview

A place that comes into mind to enjoy some great tea will be sitting down by the beach on North Ave enjoying the Skyline. While still being in the City you can enjoy the peace and quiet during a cool sunrise.

Sunsets in Chicago are Magical.

Bright Ideas for a Sunrise.

Millenium Park is one the best parks in the World. Thousands of tourists visit this beautiful location.

Public Transportation is definitively a joy ride in Chicago.

Architecture in this city is just stunning everywhere you go.

Chicago is one of those cities that you must put on your bucket list to visit.

Feature Image Caption: Chicago also can be moody and gritty for great photo opportunities.

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