The Gym – My Second Home

The Gym - My Second Home

Today’s fitness blog is from gym lover Jamie_lyn02 and is titled: The Gym – My Second Home

To me the gym is my escape it’s a space where I can leave all my daily worries at the door and just release all my stress.

I never struggled with being over weight i was always the opposite,  I was always under weight and very skinny. All my life growing up I played every sport out there, so when I went away to college I had nothing to focus on but the gym.

Most of you probably have heard of the freshmen 15? if not, its basically your first year of college life where you gain 15 pounds, which I did, but mine wasn’t fat, it was pure muscle. With hard work and dedication I have managed to work my way to my dream body and I really believe you can too.

Lifting weights won’t make you look bulky or unsexy it gets you toned. With going to the gym the more results you want to see, the harder you have to work and you also need to watch out for what you eat. Sugars kill Six pack abs!!

I am climbing up my ladder to my dreams and you should too! follow my fitness journey on instagram : Jamie_lyn02

Always stay motivated, positive, and just be the best you that you can be. I strongly feel that when your are active and living a healthy lifestyle, one you look better and two you also feel better.
Love , Jamie Rinaldi

The Gym – My Second Home all content and photos are credited to Jamie_lyn02